J281/2355 -- AACA Meet, Hershey 2007

J281/2355, a 1933  LeGrande-bodied swept panel, dual cowl phaeton, appeared in the car corral. It won best in class at this year's Meadowbrook and was offered on ebay! The bid of $1,000,200 did not meet the reserve.  It was shown at the Car Corral at Hershey with a price tag of $1,250,000. This J was recently for auction at the ACD Museum's auction this Labor Day (2007), but apparently did not sell.  The ACD web site listed it as "Original LaGrande Body #1007."

J281/2355 in the Car Corral at the Fall Hershey Meet, 2007

The Duesenberg Registry does not show any listing for J281, but gives the following info on the Chassis:

(J-334) 2355 Originally Murphy Convertible Sedan, SWB, 33/46. Frame only survives in ex-Boeshore and Moore LaGrande Phaeton with engine J-281, featured in ACD NL No. 6 1992, mentioned by Roe as sold from Boeshore to Moore with two other Duesies. In NL No. 1 1984, Wolff mentions it lost in MI but "probably switched with J-281 except for bell housing"--no other pieces of J-281 exist).

In the chassis listing in Adler's book1, J281 is associated with a LWB "Rollston Town Car with Quarter Windows," chassis 2302. The Duesenberg Registry gives no info on chassis 2302.

Drivers side of J281

You may enjoy these two photos of the driver's side of this motorcar showing the two monstrous horns lurking behind the side-mounted spare!
Drivers side of J281

In January 2008 this Duesenberg finally sold at the Barrett Jackson Scottsdale Auction for $1.1 Million (including buyer's premium). See the Speed.TV podcast here (MP4 video). It was repainted later that year in a more traditional red and black scheme, and was shown at the 2008 Pebble Beach.

(1) Dennis Adler, "Duesenberg", Krause Publications, 2004.

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