A Duesenberg Road Trip

Photo courtesy of Sue Alvarado.

Apparently, Miles Collier and some of his friends went to dinner at the Panoche Inn, east of Paicines, CA in October 2008.  Collier's ex-Gary Cooper SSJ (J563) is in the front, and Clark Gable's yellow, re-styled JN (J560) is third from the front. A reader emailed me and said that this was a nine-Duesenberg road trip, but I can't identify most of the other cars in this photo.



Luckily, there were some pictures of the far end of this stunning lineup that allowed identification of two of the cars at that end.

I remembered having seen this distinctive vent treatment in Elbert's book [Ref 1]. Picture #70 (p. 53) identifies this as J572 chassis 2596, with coachwork by Bohman & Schwartz. It is one of the 36 factory supercharged J's.


Next to J572 is J564 chassis 2589, another factory supercharged JN, with Rollston coachwork.

J572 and JN564

JN564/2589Click the image at the right for a larger view of JN564.

Thanks to Sue Alvarado for allowing the use of the photos, and to Jim Bellach for the info.

(1) J.L. Elbert, "Duesenberg, the Mightiest American Motor Car", Post-Era Books, Arcadia CA, 1975.

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