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(Dec 2006) A reader informed me that J397 chassis #2405 will be going up for auction in Jan. 2007 at the Biltmore Spa in AZ.  This Convertible Town Car is listed as either a 1937 or a 1940, and the Franklin Mint 1:24 diecast is in my collection. Look at the RM Auctions site for pictures. Ultimatecarpage also has pictures of this Duesey.

Thanks Eric!

(Oct 2006) Otis Chandler was the editor of the LA Times and he appreciated a good car. His collection was auctioned off Oct 21 in Oxnard, CA by Gooding & Co. There was one Duesenberg to be offered, J168/Chassis 2189, a 1931 Duesenberg J Special Phaeton, bodied by LeBaron. It sold for $2,640,000! The pre-auction estimates were only $1,3000,000 to $1,700,000.  Check the Gooding Catalog for pictures of Lot 59.

(Oct 2006) I visited the Hershey Auction Oct 6 & 7. 2006  A 1930 J Tourister (Lot 450) went for $960,000. It sported a rather ugly glass falcon hood ornament.

Another Duesey, a 1930 LWB Dual Cowl Phaeton (Lot 246/450.1)  rose to $520,000. While I was there it was started.  It was a SWEET sound!

The web site did not give any further info on the cars. I did NOT bid!

(Aug 2007 UPDATE) I believe that Lot246/450.1 is J276/2296 that sold for $689,500 at the 2005 Hershey auction. The coachwork is a re-body "after the style of La Grande." It was reported that the original Willoughby 5-passenger Berline coachwork (with blind quarters) was included in the 2005 sale.

(Sept 2006) According to their web site, the introduction of the new Duesenberg has been pushed back to the Aug 2007 Pebble Beach from the Jan edition.  No fanfare, just a change on their web site.

(Aug 2006) A news release gave the results of several lots in the 2006 Pebble Beach auction by Gooding. According to the release Lot 60, a 1934 Duesenberg Riviera J (J440/2550, coachwork by Brunn) brought $1,210,000! Another Duesenberg, Lot 71, a 1929 Convertible Coupe by Murphy (J179/2198), was also offered, and sold for $902,000!

(Aug 2006) J262 ( chassis number 2284), a Murphy bodied 1929 convertible sedan was offered by RM AUCTIONS at Meadow Brook Hall, MI on August 5.  The car is class 1 ACD certified, and sold for $907,500.  The pre-auction estimate was $750,000-$900,000. 

Bidding on J206, a Tourster "in the style of Derham", rose to $340,000, but the car did not sell.

(May 2006) There was an auction May 6, 2006 of parts of the estate of Denny Duesenberg, son of Fred Duesenberg. Many of the items auctioned were sports and entertainment memorabilia, but some pieces of Duesenberg automobilia were also offered, including a firewall emblem from a J, apparently unused. The firewall emblem sold for $525.

(May 2006) The Worldwide Group held a Concours d'Elegance and Auction May 6 & 7 2006 in Houston, TX.  Two Duesenbergs were scheduled for the Auction block. One , Ch2363, is a Murphy bodied J Convertible Sedan. It was originally powered by J337, but now carries J420. Apparantly, it did not sell.

The other is a 1929 LWB Sedanco De Ville bodied by Barker. J159 is a British-built right hand drive. It carries ACD Certification #95, and the chassis and and engine J number match those assigned at the factory. It sold for an undisclosed sum.

( Mar 2006 ) On March 11, RM Auctions held an auction on Amelia Island, FL.  Two Duesenberg J's were on the block. Lot 140 (J187/Ch. 2209) was a 1929 Murphy-bodied "Clear Vision Sedan."  It sold for $693,000. The other, Lot 163, was a 1932 LWB Dual Cowl Phaeton (J315).  Although J315 sports the external exhausts that appear on SJ's, it is not supercharged.  It was offered without reserve and sold for $407,000.

( Jan 2006 ) January saw a few Duesenbergs go up for auction. Gooding auctioned a 1935 Murphy-bodied Disappearing Top SJ (J527/2404) Convertible Coupe as Lot 21 at the Jan 2, 2006 Palm Beach auction. A 1925 Model A Phaeton was also offered. Neither sold.

J487/2336, a 1930 Long Wheel Base (LWB, 153.5") LeBaron Dual Cowl Phaeton, was offered by RM Auctions at the Biltmore Spa Auction in Phoenix, AZ on Jan 20. It brought $1,001,000.  Look for Lot 135.


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