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(Aug 2010) Two Duesenbergs changed hands at the RM Monterey auction, both came from the O'Quinn collection. J420/2437, a 1931 Murphy Convertible Sedan (Lot 249) changed hands for $693,000.

J528/2551 (Lot 341) was one of the stars of the auction, selling for $1,430,000. This may mark the first time that a Duesenberg from the O'Quinn collection has sold for more than O'Quinn paid for it! J528 is one of three Brunn Riviera Phaetons, and one of two originally sold with a supercharger. More about J528 ...

The other factory supercharged Riviera Phaeton, J525, was shown at the 2010 Milwaukee Masterpiece the week after the Monterey auction.

SJN570(Aug 2010) RM will be offering J570/2601 at it's Auburn auction in Sept 2010. This JN series Rollson Convertible Sedan was recently offered by Gullwing Motors, but no longer appears in their inventory. They acquired it at the Arizona auction earlier this year at a very attractive price. It is said to be original as shipped from the factory.

RM also lists a Judkins Seven Passenger Sedan, but does not give the J- or serial number. It is almost certainly J297/2128, wearing the Judkins body that first graced J255. An article on OldCarsWeekly.com (Ref 1) tells the story of the assembly of this car in 2008. It was acquired by O'Quinn in the first half of  2008.

(Aug 2010) RM will be offering J194/2213, a Murphy Convertible Coupe at the Hershey auction. No further info was given. A lot consisting of an engine, body, and parts will also be offered.


(1) http://www.oldcarsweekly.com/article/Judkins_Duesenberg. Published June 11, 2008. Downloaded Aug 25, 2010.

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