DuesenBlog: Duesenberg News - 2010-3

(Aug 2010) Gooding announced that J425/2437 (Lot 145) sold at their Pebble Beach auction for $671,000 (incl. premium). J425 is a 1933 SJ LWB Convertible Berline by Murphy. It is one of 36 factory supercharged examples. The catalog revealed that the motor "is likely seized" due to disuse. It has been owned by Mr. Gil Duffy since 1954. It was restored by JB Nethercutt's shop in the 1960's. Mr. Duffy gave Nethercutt the original supercharger as partial payment.

(Aug 2010) I watched the RM Meadowbrook auction video stream live on the RM web site. Bidding was not too spirited, and both J's sold for less than the pre-auction estimates. A black 1929 Murphy Convertible Sedan, J262/2284, sold for $825,000 (incl. buyer's premium).

J546/2274, a Rollston, silver-grey Torpedo Berline sold for $726,000 (incl. premium), also less that the pre-auction estimates and less that O'Quinn paid for it in 2007.

(July 2010) The "Milwaukee Masterpiece" Concours is scheduled for Aug 21, 2010. Duesenberg is the featured marque and five Duesenbergs are promised, although no J numbers were given.

(Aug 2010) UPDATE: The final roster shows four cars: a 1929 Murphy Convertible Coupe (J192); a 1931 Murphy Convertible Sedan (J131); a 1932 LeBaron Dual Cowl Phaeton (J182); and a 1934 SJ Brunn Riviera Convertible Sedan (J525).

(July 2010) In June I visited the Cussler Museum and saw four Duesenbergs. If you are near Denver, CO, it is worth the visit. Pictures here.

(June 2010) Bidding on J255/2276 (Lot 425) at Bonham's Greenwich CT auction rose to $720,000 and stalled. Pre-auction estimates were $800,000-$1,000,000.  The high bid did not meet the owner's reserve, and the motorcar remains unsold at $720,000.

The 1971 OTAS (Lot 450) fared better and sold for $28,080.

(June 2010) The Worldwide Group is filling some of the void left by Kruse by expanding their Sept 2-4 Auburn Auction schedule. The catalog auction on Sept 4 will feature a 1929 J LeBaron Dual Cowl Phaeton. It appears to be J149/2154. J149 sold for $1,760,000 at RM's 2008 Scottsdale auction.

(June 2010) The June issue of Hemmings Motor News (print and online) listed three Duesenberg J's for private sale. Prices were listed as "upon request."

After having sold for a very reasonable price ($777,600) earlier this year, J570/2601 is now being offered for private sale by Gullwing Motorcars, Inc. in NY.

Pacific Newport Classics is offering J409 for sale.

Hyman is offering J328/2341, a 1930 Murphy Convertible Sedan. It is said to be a one-family car, and unrestored!


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