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(Feb 2010) RM has announced that it will have the privilege of offering cars from the O'Quinn Collection at its upcoming Amelia Island and Collector Cars of Ft. Lauderdale auctions.

O'Quinn, who died in Oct 2009, started collecting in 2003. His 1000 car collection included 23-25 Duesenbergs, including the $2.8 Million Bauer Duesenberg (J397) which O'Quinn acquired at RM's 2007 Scottsdale auction.

Two Duesenbergs are among the ~50 cars from the collection that will be offered at Amelia Island; J340/2364, a Murphy Convertible Coupe, and J287/2305, a Murphy Sport Berline. Kruse sold J340 to O'Quinn at the 9/2007 Auburn Auction for $1,000,000. The motor, chassis, and coachwork are said to be original as delivered. J287 was sold at Monterey in 2006 for $1,650,000. It is also original from new.

(Mar 2010)  UPDATE  Both J Duesenbergs from the O'Quinn collection sold well. J340 sold for $825,000, less than O'Quinn paid for it. J287 fared better, selling for $1,705,000, just a tad over what O'Quinn paid for it, and was the highest sale at the auction

I think this shows that, even without O'Quinn paying top dollar for Duesenbergs, the market is still pretty strong.

(Feb 2010) RM and Gooding have posted their Arizona results, and both appear to have sold better than Kruse.

Gooding offered two Duesenbergs.  J461, a Murphy Disappearing Top Convertible Coupe (Lot #9) brought $1.815 Million. J362/2380, a Convertible Berline with LeBaron coachwork (Lot #109) brought $825,000. J362 is ACD Club certified to have the original motor, chassis, and coachwork. J362 last changed hands at Christie's 2007 Monterey auction where it sold for $902,000.

RM also offered two Duesenbergs, and both sold. J232/2261 a 1930 Duesenberg Model J Arlington Five-Passenger Club Sedan with Derham coachwork (Lot 264) sold for $506,000. It last changed hands at the 2007 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction for $660,000. It also is original as delivered.

J356/2354 also sold. Lot #297 brought $550,000, which is not bad considering its genetic background!

(Jan 2010) Kruse has announced an auction in "Scottsdale" (Glendale) AZ Jan 15-17, 2010. Two Duesenbergs are listed: Lot 735, J368, a LWB Willoughby Limousine and Lot 740, a SWB JN Convertible Sedan (J570/2601). J570 brought a no-sale bid of $1.7 Million in Auburn in August, 2009.

Picture from remarkablecars.com(Jan 2010)  UPDATE  According to reports, Kruse sold both Duesenbergs, but at remarkably affordable prices. The Willoughby (J368) went for a mere $329,400! J570 went for $777,600, far under last August's Auburn bid.

(Jan 2010) RM has announced that "J356" will be up for auction, along with J232/2261, at their Arizona auction on Jan 22, 2010. J356 should really be called a "Frankenberg" or a "Duesenstein" since it was put together from a variety of "donor" cars, according to the RM summary.

RM's summary says the frame was originally numbered 2332, but was later stamped with 2534. Elbert ( 1 ) associates both chassis numbers with J361 in the chassis-to-J number table. A Model J's firewall is also stamped with the chassis number which should match the number stamped on the chassis. It reveals 2571 as the donor of the firewall. Elbert associates 2571 with J543.

Finally, the bell housing is stamped with J536.

The body is listed as a Tourster reproduction by Billings. The coachwork is painted a color reminiscent of a real Tourster, J423. Unlike a real Derham Tourster, the fenders are skirted.

(1) J.L. Elbert, "Duesenberg - The Mightiest American Motor Car," Post-Era Books, Arcadia, CA, 1975. ISBN 911160-49-3.

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