Amelia Island - 2009

Amelia Island would have been the place to be if you love Duesenbergs. Several walked away with deserved prizes. The Cars of Bohman and Schwartz were the featured cars this year.


Photo Credit: Rashba.comTwo Duesenbergs took home Best-in-Class awards. Sam and Emily Mann's J572/2596 took Best in Cars of Bohman and Schwartz. This 1935 Duesenberg was spotted in California along with another of the Mann's Duesenbergs -- the Clark Gable JN560 Coupe. JN560 took the Best of Show at Amelia Island in 2008.

Photo Credit: Rashba.comThe Best in the Duesenberg Class was awarded to a 1930 Convertible Victoria shown by the Off Brothers Collection from Richland, MI. No information about the J or chassis serial numbers was given. A picture ( from the show field identifies the coach maker as Hibbard and Darrin.

Photo Credit: Rashba.comAmelia Awards were given to two other Duesenbergs. In the Duesenberg Class, the award went to J561, a 1935 Rollston Limousine, entered by The Cofer Collection, Tucker GA. Click on the thumbnail at the right to see a larger photo. Unique features of this car are the split running board, the six-fender design (the passenger section has another "fender"), and the horizontal vents on the sides of the hood. (Ref 1) adds the information that the limousine was designed by Gordon Buehig and purchased by Annie Purcell, a madame in Scarsdale, NY, for about $40,000. The Duesenberg Registry (Ref 2) shows the same original owner and comments about the "six-fender" design. It gives the chassis as 2586.

Interestingly, Elbert's (Ref 3) photo #65 shows what is identified as Marion Davies' J568/2581 Rollston Opera Brougham with cane-work passenger compartment. It has the same "six-fender" and hood treatment as J561! Were the chassis swapped?

Photo Credit: Rashba.comIn the Cars of Bohman and Schwartz, the award went to J553/2582, the ex-Ethyl Mars 1935 SJ Town Car. It was shown by the Paul E. Andrews, Jr. Collection of Ft. Worth, TX. This car sold for $4.4. Million in 2007.


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