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(July 2007) Christies auction house reports that J362/2380 will be presented at auction in Monterey on Aug 16, 2007. Restored in 2000 by RM, this Convertible Berline by LeBaron retains its original engine, chassis, and body according to the Christies lot information. Pre-auction estimates are $700K-$850K. Lot 89.

(August 2007  UPDATE ) Reports indicate that this Duesenberg sold for $902,000.

(July 2007) The William K. Vanderbilt, Jr. Concours d'Elegance at the Newport Mansions (Newport, RI) has a class for Aurburn/Duesenberg/DuPont. It should bring out some nice east coast Duesenbergs. July 27-29.

(Jan 2008  UPDATE )Here's more info about the car from the ACD Club Forum, including a picture. A post there indicates it's J375.

(June 2007) The Worldwide Group conducted an auction of the Sterling McCall Old Car Museum collection, including a 1934 SJ LWB  Derham Tourster. No serial number info was given. At the June 23, 2007 auction the Tourster brought $407,000.  That is quite a difference from another Tourster, J444, that sold earlier this month for over $1.4 Million!

(June 2007) J340 has barely had time to get used to its new garage. After having sold for over $1 Million in Naples earlier this year, it will return to the auction floor at the Kruse Auburn Auction over Labor Day Weekend. The car has the original aluminum/wood body #838.

(June 2007) The Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Museum is holding it's second "extravaganza."  Featured at the extravaganza will be an auction including a 1933 LeGrande Dual Cowl Phaeton, J281/Chassis 2355, body 1007. The auction will be held Aug 30, 2007. The cars offered are not part of the ACD Museum's Collection!

(June 2007) The Hershey Auction (Oct 12, 2007) will see another Duesenberg on the block --a 1930 Murphy-bodied dual cowl phaeton. From the picture, it appears to be a SWB chassis. It is from the estate of Helen Swigart. Helen was the wife of William Swigart, owner of the Swigart Auto Museum. Sixty cars are being offered with no reserve. No further info was given.

(July 2007  UPDATE ) This automobile appears to be J403/2169. According to the Duesenberg Registry chassis 2169 originally bore J145. J403 originally powered Gary Cooper's Derham Tourster, but it was discovered to be defective and replaced before Cooper took ownership. The engine was rebuilt and now is on the Swigart chassis. The dual-cowl Murphy coachwork came from J334/2355.

(June 2007) SJ553/Chassis 2582, a factory-supercharged, LWB Town Car bodied by Bohman and Schwartz, will be auctioned by RM Auctions at Monterey Aug 17-18, 2007.  According to Elbert, the engine/chassis was a "demonstator" and was sold as "chassis only."  The new owner (Ethel Mars, the candy heiress) mounted the Bohman and Schwartz coachwork. The coachwork was originally designed for Mae West, according to a Blackhawk Museum flyer.

(August 2007  UPDATE ) RM reports that this car sold for $4,400,000.

(June 2007) J444/Chassis 2456 (a 1931 Dehram Tourster) was sold by RM Auctions June 9, 2007.  After the 10% buyer's fees, the total was $1,485,000! More info.

(June 2007) The Concours d'Elegance of the Eastern US was held June 8-10 in Bethlehem, PA. The Auburn, Cord, and Duesenberg were featured marques and there was a meet at the Concours. The 2007 Philly Auto Show featured J448 (a New Jersey car!), and I hoped it, and other Deusies, would be present.

My wish was granted. Four Duesenbergs were present on Sunday.  Read my report.

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