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(Dec 2007) UPDATED  Gooding has announced a Murphy bodied 1936 Duesenberg J Clear Vision Sedan J574/2607 will appear at their Scottsdale Auction Jan. 19, 2008. Estimates are $1.1-$1.3 Million.

J150 June 2007(Dec 2007)  J150 will be on the block at the RM Florida Collector Car Auction Feb 15-18, 2008 in Fort Lauderdale.  This car was shown at the Eastern Concours in Bethlehem earlier this year. (Pictures)

(Jan 2008) UPDATE  Bidding rose to $640,000 but the car did not sell. Lot SP57.

(Dec 2007) If you missed its prior showings (see below) J281/2355 will be up for auction at the 2008 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction, according to newspaper reports. Search for Lot 1311.

(Nov 2007) RM Auctions announced that J149, a LeBaron swept panel, Dual Cowl Phaeton, would be up for auction Jan 18, 2008 at the Vintage Car Auction in Arizona. The early announcement says that the car has the original engine, chassis, and body. The Duesenberg Registry, however, notes that the body, chassis, and engine went their separate ways. Adler's book shows chassis 2174 (SWB) as belonging with this body and motor.

(Dec 2007  UPDATED ) The RM site has an updated history of this car, which has never been seen outside of Canada!

(Oct 2007  UPDATED ) Four Duesenbergs were at the Hershey AACA meet. I had a great time. Here is the thumbnail summary with links to pictures and more info.

J403/2169The Swigart 1930 Murphy Dual Cowl Phaeton J403/2169 ( PICTURES and INFO ) was sold by RM for $1,650,000. Dick Shapy was seen outside the auction hall. He was probably interested in the many unrestored autos in the Swigart auction.

J546/2574Kruse offered a Rollston Formal Sedan, J546/2574 (right). It brought $962,500.

J481 at the 2007 Hershey AACA MeetA third J appeared in the car corral. J281/2355 (left), a LeGrande-bodied swept panel, dual cowl phaeton. It was shown at the Car Corral at Hershey with a price tag of $1,250,000. ( PICTURES and INFO )

My Wife and J279The Blackhawk Collection showed J279/2301, a Murphy disappearing top convertible coupe.  This car was built for Howard Hughes and was given to Wayne Newton by Bill Harrah for his performances at Harrah's. The car bore a $2,500,000 price tag. My wife, standing next to it, is priceless!

(Sept 2007) J340 was sold at the Kruse Auburn Auction (Lot 1058) this Labor Day weekend for $1,000,000. This body, chassis, and motor have been together since the car was built. The sales price is a little less than the "final bid" it garnered in Naples earlier this year.

Another Duesenberg was up for sale over Labor Day (J281/2355) at the ACD Museum Benefit Auction, but it apparently did not meet the reserve.

(Aug 2007) Another Duesenberg was auctioned in Monterey this month: J355/2225 was offered by Bonhams (Lot 449) on Aug 17 at the Quail Lodge. It is naturally aspirated (it is not an SJ) but does have external pipes. This Murphy bodied convertible sedan was originally powered by J204, but that was replaced with J355 from chassis 2374.

Bonhams estimated $850,000-$950,000.  I have been unable to find out if it sold or for what price.

Info from Bonhams and Adler's "Duesenberg."

J553 was offered (by RM) that weekend. The RM site reports that it sold for $4,400,000!  The 1925 Indy 500 winning Duesenberg went for $330,000. 

J362 was offered by Christies. Preliminary reports state that it went for $902,000.

J159/2190 was hammered down by Gooding. Only the firewall plaque identifies this Barker (UK) bodied Sedanca de Ville as a Duesenberg.  It sold for $616,000. Lot 161.

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