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(July 2008) The Blackhawk Collection will be offering three Duesenbergs in conjunction with the Pebble Beach festivities: J118, J281, and J381.

The picture of J281 shows that it has been recently repainted since it appeared at the 2007 Hershey Car Corral. It now sports a red and black scheme with a black top. With its earlier tan paint, J281 brought a top bid of $1 Million in Scottsdale earlier this year.

The Blackhawk says J118 was "...originally purchased by Mr. Art Kiel of Southern California. In 1934 the car was purchased by Mr. M.K. Barbie, head of the Coca-Cola company."  The Duesenberg Registry (1) fills in the little detail that J118  "fell into San Pedro Channel on a return trip from Santa Catalina Island" after it was sold!

J381 garnered a high bid of $660,000 at the 2005 Kruse Hershey Auction, but did not sell.

J150 at Concours of Eastern US 2007(July 2008) According to an ad in Hemmings (9/08), the Worldwide Group will be offering a green 1929 Derham Convertible Coupe in Auburn, August 30. The motorcar is J150. J150 has appeared for private sale in recent Hemmings, and brought a high bid of $640,000 earlier this year, but did not meet the reserve.

I saw J150 at the 2007 Concours of the Eastern US.

 UPDATE  (Sept 2008) The Worldwide Group lists J150 (Lot 40) as sold for $742,500 (including buyers fees).

(July 2008) RM Auctions has published the "Featured Lots" for the Monterey Auction (Aug 15-16, 2008) and J142 is on the list after a short absence. It is expected to bring between $1.4 and $1.8 million.

J243/2270 is also on the list. The 1930 chassis (1431/2") carries the LeBaron Barrel-Side Dual Cowl Phaeton that was originally mounted when new. The motorcar served as a factory demonstrator. RM estimates the motorcar will sell for about $2 million.

RM also posted further information on the 1929 Murphy Convertible Coupe (J132) that will be offered at Meadowbrook.  The chassis is listed as 2154, the original chassis according to the Registry (1). The body (#830) came from J144, and the present combination sold for $500,000 at the 2000 RM Meadowbrook Auction. They estimate that it will sell for $750K-$950K at this year's auction.

 UPDATE  (Aug 2008) According to the listing on eBay, this motorcar brought a top bid of $675,000, slightly under the pre-auction estimates. RM, however, lists it as sold for $748,000 (including buyers fees).

Kruse Auctions will be busy at Auburn Aug 28-Sept 2. Three Duesenbergs are listed: J118/2143, a Bohman & Schwartz Berline (assuming that the Blackhawk does not sell it at Pebble Beach); J573, LeBaron coachwork and parts; and J241, Murphy Roadster coachwork and parts.

WWG 1933 SJ Speedster(July 2008) The Worldwide Group has announced their Auburn Auction to be held August 30, 2008. Among the cars being offered is a 1933 SJ Boat-tailed Speedster. The web site did not give the "J" or chassis number, but does state that is "factory supercharged." I suspect that it is J507/2536, based on the history in the "Duesenberg Registry" (1). The year and SJ status make it likely. If so, this automobile sold for $500,000 in 2000. The ACD Club forum has a discussion of Speedsters and info on J507. This YouTube video gives the chassis number, and the car appears identical to the one in the Worldwide Group press release.

(June 2008) June has just started and I have already missed two fairly local Concours! June 1 was the Concours of the Eastern United States. The 2008 awards list shows that J116 and J113, a 1929 wood bodied Speedster (1), were displayed.  UPDATED 

June 8 was the Greenwich Concours. The NY Times article lamented the heat, but did say that J116 was in attendance. The Duesenberg Registry (1) gives a checkered history of this 1929 Derham Phaeton. The original owner was a relative of Bing Crosby, and the car passed through the hands of Pacific Auto Rental and the Imperial Palace collection, as did many Duesies. After towing gliders in Gardena, Ca, the car was rescued from a junkyard in 1950 with the rear half of the bodywork missing.

In a Greenwich Time article another Duesenberg in attendance is described -- a 1930 Walker LaGrande Torpedo Phaeton. The article relates that it was once owned by Howard Hughes. I have been yet unable to track down the serial number info.

(June 2008) RM Auctions is accepting consignments for the upcoming August Meadowbrook and Monterey auctions. Preliminary lots include a 1929 Murphy bodied Coupe (J132) for sale at Meadowbrook and J142 for sale at Monterey (Hemmings ad). Both cars are normally aspirated, but sport the popular external pipes of the SJ.  J142 rides on its original chassis, according to the "Duesenberg Registry" (1).  It was loaned to the Imperial Palace for display, and has been most recently on display at "Wheels Through Time" in NC.  UPDATED 


(1) The Duesenberg Registry. Downloaded 2008-07-30 from AutomotiveHistoryOnline.com.


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