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(Mar 2008) Amelia Island. Both Duesenbergs offered by RM Auctions sold for the high end of the pre-auction estimates or above. J103 sold for $1.21 Million and J395 sold for $2.64 Million, well over the estimate of $1.6-$2.0 Million. The market for good quality Duesenbergs appears to be still strong.

Clark Gable's JNThe Clark Gable JN, in it's new paint, was awarded the top classic car of the show. It is owned by the Manns of NJ and it had the new pin striping applied in NJ.

(Feb 2008) RM Auctions will also offer J103/2127 at the Amelia Island Auction. This LWB J was the first LWB Duesenberg and the first to be sold in Canada. (RM incorrectly lists the wheelbase as 143.5")  According to the "Duesenberg Registry" (1), this car was shown at the New York Salon where the Duesenberg J was first introduced. It bore a Holbrook Limousine body (#910 or 913). In 1935 it acquired this Le Baron Convertible Berline body.  Look for Lot 257. Estimates are $0.9-$1.2 Million.


(Jan 2008) RM Auctions will offer J395/2414, a 1931 Murphy Disappearing Top Roadster at "Automobiles of Amelia Island" Mar 8, 2008.  Estimates are $1.6-$2.0 Million.

This automobile was purchased by Pacific Auto Rentals in the 1930's and it has appeared in many films, including "Whatever happed to Baby Jane" and "Gable and Lombard."  The original green/creme paint has been replaced by a handsome black and red scheme. The rest of the automobile is essentially original.

Info: "Duesenberg Registry" (1) and Conceptcarz.com

J281 at Hershey 2007(Jan 2008) When the dust had settled in Scottsdale, three Duesenbergs had sold for $1 Million or more.  J281/2355, which has been offered several times since winning Best of Class at Meadowbrook in August 2007, brought a bid of $1,000,000. I got a chance to see it hammered down live on the Speed Channel (MP4 video).

Gooding sold J574/2607, a 1936 Murphy Clear Vision Sedan for $1.1 Million (including buyer's premium), at the low end of the pre-auction estimates.

J149/2154, a Canadian Le Baron Dual Cowl, Swept Panel Phaeton with original body, chassis, and body was the highest price Duesenberg at Scottsdale.  It sold for $1,760,00. That price was also near the end of the pre-auction estimates.



(1) The Duesenberg Registry. Downloaded 2008-07-30 from AutomotiveHistoryOnline.com.

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