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(Dec 2008) Scottsdale is THE place to be in January 2009! Gooding is auctioning three Duesenbergs: J187/2209, J126/2149, and  J464/2479.

Chassis 2209 (Lot 34) carries the original J187 and Murphy Clear Vision Sedan coachwork. Gooding estimates that it will bring $950,000-$1.3Million in January. It brought $693,000 at the 2006 Amelia Island auction. If the sales estimates are correct, it will have done much better than my 401K over the same time period!

Chassis 2149 (Lot 9) is expected to bring $1.25-$1.75 Million and also carries the original motor and coachwork. It sold for $1.49 Million at the RM 2007 Amelia Island Auction.

Chassis 2479 (Lot 58) also carried the original J464 and coachwork, however the original Rollston Convertible Sedan coachwork (ordered by Wrigley of chewing gum fame) was restyled by Bohman and Schwartz.


1933 Duesenberg SJ

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(Nov 2008) RM will be auctioning J417/2157, a 1929 SWB Fleetwood Convertible Coupe, at it's Automobiles of Arizona auction Jan 16, 2009. Look for Lot 152. Elbert (Ref 1) lists J133/2157 as a chassis sale and adds that the owner mounted a Fleetwood body. Adler (Ref 2) refers to it as a Cadillac Fleetwood body, and mistakenly identifies the chassis as a LWB. J417, presently installed, is the third engine on this chassis. The car is listed with No Reserve. J133 originally powered this chassis ( Ref 1 ).

(Dec 2008) UPDATE  Lot 162 is equally interesting! It is listed as a 1931 J Roadster, chassis 2410. The coachwork is a Packard Roadster body! It was originally ordered from the factory by G. Tucker Smith. By 1946 it had found its way to Conrad Clemens of Pennsylvania. He must have enjoyed the performance to the fullest because the "engine falled" and was replaced with J434.

Lot 101 is a Roxas bodied Duesey Peddle car!

(Nov 2008) J507, a 1933 ex-Harrah Boattail SJ Speedster appeared on eBay® with a "Buy it Now" price of $2,600,000. After two 'expired bids,' item 320317582444 ended Nov 14, with a current offer. This car failed to sell at the recent Worldwide Group Auburn auction (More info).

(Nov 2008) Gary Cooper's SSJ and Clark Gable's JN were spotted on the road in California. (Picture)

(Dec 2008)  UPDATE  J572 and J564 were also along for the ride! New pictures.

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