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(Dec 2009) I've finally posted my comments on this year's AACA Fall Meet in Hershey.

(Dec 2009) Gooding has announced the auction of J461/2490 at their Jan 22-23, 2010 Auction in Scottsdale. J461 is a Murphy bodied Disappearing Top Convertible Coupe and sports unique dual rear mounted spares.

(Dec 2009) RM Auctions has announced that J232/2261, a 1930 Arlington Five-Passenger Club Sedan, will appear as Lot 264 in the upcoming Jan 22, 2010 auction at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix.  It is being offered with no reserve. This car last sold for $600,000 at the Barrett-Jackson 2007 Scottsdale Auction.

(Dec 2009)  A Fort Wayne Journal news item (dated Dec 17) reports that the winning bidder on J254 has filed a federal suit alleging that the bidding on J254 was inflated by bids placed by the owners and those who had a financial interest in the sale of the car.

Kruse Auctions (who ran the auction) and the ACD Museum were also named in the suit.

RemarkableCars.com(Oct 2009) Kruse is once again offering the ex-Jenkins 1929 Dual Cowl Phaeton with "V" rear wind screen, at their November 6-8, 2009 auction in Auburn (Lot 761). This automobile brought an unsuccessful bid of $900,000 at their Labor Day weekend auction. Judging from the picture on the Kruse web site, this car has not moved from its Salt Lake City concrete-block storage garage! (See RemarkableCars.com for a 2006 photo!) In Salt Lake City, 2005 this car brought a bid of $1,000,025, but did not sell. The auction results identify it as J558/2186. More pictures here. The car was offered in a Hemmings Motor News (10/2009) ad for $1,858,000.

(Nov 2009)  UPDATE  J558 once again fails to break the one-million dollar mark. Lot 761 stalled at $850,000, even poorer than its Labor Day showing.

(Sept 2009) The ACD Festival is over and a beleaguered Kruse did not fair well. Only three Duesenbergs were reported in the auction results, and none of them sold.

Lot 1041, the largely repro 1931 Murphy topped out at $350,000 - better than last year, but still no sale.  Lot 1061 (J558/2186) rose to $900,000, while lot 1050.1 (1050a) (1934 JN Sedan) reached $1,700,000 before stalling. Kruse did not raise his much needed cash on these Duesenbergs, although the prices seemed close to reasonable.

(Sept 2009)  UPDATE  Pictures, a video, and additional info on the '31 Murphy can be found at Platinum Classic Motorcars/Concours Classic Motorcars. They have it listed as for sale. The asking price ( ebay item #120472555184 ) is $450,000. Another 1931 Murphy is also available from Platinum/Concours ! 

The ACD Museum Extravaganza faired much better.  J254/2275 sold at $2.9 Million, according to a Museum news release! The fees and premiums for the sale went to the museum.

(Sept 2009) The annual ACD Festival starts this week in Auburn, IN. Over Labor Day Week, six Duesenbergs will go up for auction. Information is sparse for most of them.

The Kruse website listed four Duesenbergs as crossing the block this week. Lot 1041 is described as a 1931 Murphy Non-Disappearing-Top Coupe. The body is a recreation, and the chassis is probably also. It is likely that this is J241 that was offered by Kruse last year at Auburn and Hershey. At that time it did not sell at $170,000.

Lot 1055a is only described as a 1935 Sedan. 

The description for lot 1061 includes a picture of the 1929 Dual Cowl with "V" rear windshield. A similar picture on RemarkableCars.com adds that it was previously owned by Abe Jenkins, racer and speed record holder. Jenkins owned and drove the "Mormon Meteor".

JN570Kruse provided more information for Lot 1050a. This car, J570/2601, a 1934 JN Rollston Convertible Sedan, has resided at the Kruse Auto Museum for the past several years. (Picture: RemarkableCars.com)

In a Wall Street Journal ad (Aug 29-30, 2009, p W8) Kruse claimed that five Duesenbergs would be auctioned. They may have been counting J254/2275, a Hibbard & Darrin Transformable Imperial Cabriolet, that will be auctioned for the benefit of the ACD Museum. This car, built for William Randolph Hearst, retains its original chassis, engine, and body. This car is noted for using aluminum, not wood, for the body's substructure. It is not part of the Museum's collection.

The Worldwide Group will be offering a Duesenberg J prototype, the Model Y. Although the body survives, the motor was "re-purposed" and the original chassis destroyed. The body now sits on a Model A chassis.

(Aug 2009) The Duesenberg marque faired well at the Monterey auctions. All three cars sold, at what I feel were good-to-great prices.

RM sold J527/2406, a 1935 Murphy bodied Disappearing top Convertible Coupe (see more of its history) for $1.430 Million (incl. buyers premium), and was hammered at the low end of the pre-auction estimate.

The ex-Hopalong Cassidy Rollston-bodied Torpedo Convertible Victoria, J384/2535, was sold (without reserve) by Bonhams and Butterfields, for $1,437,000, see lot 223 under Sales Results. (Click here for more about J384.) The other "cowboy" car, Tom Mix's 812 Cord, sold for $155,000.

The Duesenberg star of Monterey, Sam and Emily Mann's J572/2596 B&S styled SJN, was sold for $3.3 Million (incl. premium) by Gooding. This car was seen with several other Duesenbergs in California last year.

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